Student Artist of the Month: Eleni Tsaparakis

Eleni Tsaparakis is our Student Artist of the Month

Eleni or better know around the UMass Dartmouth campus as “Leni” was born on 1988.  From Norwalk, Ct she graduated from Norwalk HS in.  She enrolled in UConn Stamford and then transferred to her current location at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in the Spring of 07.  She is now a Digital Media major.  When she’s out of the computer lab she takes on her leadership role as a Co-Captain for the Volleyball Team.

Here is a taste of some of her popular vector work.

Here’s an assignment Eleni did for one of her Digital Media classes.  She was giving a piece of music by the Professor and had to come up with a story that had a protagonist and antagonist, with a problem, two failed attempts and finally a resolution.

If you would like to get some of your pictures vectored by Eleni you can find & contact her on Facebook at or email her @

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