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Scarface: An Elementary School Rendition

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I think I’m on the fence with this one. I think it’s hilarious that they have to use “fudging” for “fuc*ing”. But it’s slightly disturbing at the same time that there parents are there and ok with this.

“You mother-fudger!”


Music As Sonar

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Its simple. Music as visual patterns. Starts off slow but gets better! (That’s what she said)

Some Cool Billboards from Around the World.

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Here are some cool billboard designs. They use the out-of-the-box thinking.

The Best Desktop Background

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Austin Powers 4 In The Works?

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Oh Behavvveee!

Mike Myers as Austin Powers

MIKE Myers is reportedly working on a new Austin Powers movie.

Director Jay Roach confirmed to MTV that star Myers is developing a fourth instalment of the spy spoof franchise.

“(Mike is) working on ideas for it, people are definitely talking about it and I’m all good for it,” said Roach, who directed the first three¬†Austin Powers movies –¬†International Man of Mystery (1997),The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Goldmember (2002).

The filmmaker added that Myers’s comical spy character would go “somewhere you haven’t thought of” in the next movie.

Giant Photorealistic Sculpture

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Sculptor Jamie Salmon uses silicone rubber, fiber glass, acrylic, and human hair to create these scary real sculptures.

Funny Chat Roulette Piano Improv

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Get a load of this guy. The only time I ever played Chat Roulette I a perv every time I nexted.